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Crush N Save is an onsite crushing service, for example broken concrete can be crushed into 30mm aggregate for reuse as road base. Reducing the need to haul broken concrete from site to a concrete recycler and then purchase crushed aggregate for use in building activities onsite. Logically, major savings are achieved by crushing the concrete on site, then having the aggregate ready to be used for the likes of improved drainage, site crossovers or as a road base.

Stephen Koelewyn has been actively involved in the building industry since 1977. Stephen Koelewyn’s innovations over many years have contributed to improvements in the building & pest control industries. Crush N Save is yet another innovative service established by Stephen Koelewyn to lessen our impact on the environment and provide cost savings to some building actives, effectively reducing life of building impact on the environment. 

Give Steve a call on 0418 274 099 for crushing, if you want clean crushed fill, you can register your interest and as appropriately tested materials come available these can be delivered in the Sutherland & St George areas.  

When necessary or applicable, soil testing will be carried out on our behalf by Sydney Environmental & Soil LaboratorySESL

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